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Epiphany Castro is not your ordinary spoken word fact...she is extrodinary..marching to her own beat..carving her own path...she is groundbreakingly refreshing and different than anything or anyone you may have heard before...
Born and raised in Berkeley, California -she began singing and performing at age 5 years of age in church.
She studied theatre arts at San Francisco state and began singing in local bands in the bay area. In 1985 thru 1988 she performed with the band, Shy hands, whose most noted member was Dwayne Wiggins of Toni Tonee Tony. From 1988 to 1994, she performed with the band, Riot Going On. Epiphany also performed as a session singer for various studios like David Bryson’s critically acclaimed Dancing Dog Studios. Writing Music mostly, she did a short stint in London appearing at many venues. After returning to the United States, she embraced the stage once again, playing local gigs in the Bay area until starting a family and concentrating on a teaching career.
In 2007, Epiphany surrendered to pen and paper, and began writing poetry. She released a short book called “Everything and Nothing”, soon afterwards. Finding a different muse, she began taking spoken word more seriously. Encouragement by many wonderful artists and friends spawned a show on Blog Talk Radio called Epiphany’s House. This program focuses on spoken word and music, airing on Sunday afternoons.

“Soul flower” his first solo project, has become a favorite among avid fans of spoken word. In “Soul Flower”, she demonstrates her many influences like Billie Holiday, Lewis Taylor, and the legendary group; Earth, Wind and Fire. Her voice rings with truth and confidence, as the melodic lyrics entices the senses with a passion unique and eloquent.
March 27th,2011 she released her "soft more" album,"The Alchemist"..eagerly awaited and highly anticipated,it has gained critical acclaim already.. It is an experience abundance of magic,love and destiny..this is why Epiphany is known as "The Lyrical Sorceress"...Just wait...magic has arrived...

May 12
See what happens when ya google yourself? #poet #spokenwordartist #soulsista#songwriter#vegan #napptural#animalrightsafvocate

See what happens when ya google yourself? #poet #spokenwordartist #soulsista#songwriter#vegan #napptural#animalrightsafvocate